Sunday, November 18, 2007

working on my yw medalion

In my spare time ( between editing the 1000 plus images and taking another 500 photos a week ) I have decided (not really) to get my Young Women Medalion. This week was young women in excellence. this usually means me helping the girls finish up those lingering 10 hour projects so they (translation their mom) dont look lame in front of their leaders. so Jancy and Jess(Tana did help paint she had another project for another post) decided to redo Jackies room. It was quite fun. But as you know I have no shortage of ideas just the time and sometimes the motivation to finish anything. so the pressure was nice. here are some of the highlights.

Jessica spent alot of time trying to look like she was helping. Jancy did 2/3 of the work. She learned to install an anchor and use a power tool. Very satisifying. I think these should be manditory skills for a womans happiness. all in all i think this will definitely make them better wifes and mothers.

Thanks to Wendy who refinished some old closet doors we found in Flagstaff junk shop. Funky chair from another Junk shop in flag. Oh yeah the cork board flooring from salvation army in flag as well. They turned out to be the perfect focal points. I think it is easier to spend when your out of town no? The vintage locker, gym sock included was found at Heidi's favorite thrift store in Cooligde. The frame also from Heidi. I think the chest is Chan's(you can have it back when your settled) and if you see anythink else that is yours here considered yourself thanked. The scrapbook paper of course from the family scrapbook studio. Which as it stands the orginal inspiration point. Good job girls. Moral of the story God dont make no junk.
Wendy if you can think of a better ending please feel free.