Sunday, September 30, 2007

The blog fairy

So Heidi beat me to it. I too have found myself checking my blog to see if anything new has been written. How lame is that. Heidi mentioned there is a blog fairy that will come by and update for you. ok just kidding. But that must be what I was thinking. Who checks there own blog knowing full well it hasnt been attended to since september 13. Oh wait thats me.
On an interesting note though it looks like someone from brasil thinks I would be a good option for advetising. Hey a comment is a comment. Im counting it.

Ok for the update. Maybe tommorow . Its to late. I think I used that one last time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy 39th Anniversary. I was hoping Wendy would write something elequant. I guess it is up to me. All because two people fell in love. we love you mom and dad

Friday, September 7, 2007

A birthday gift from a G.A.'s sister

Notice the height

This summer I attended a reception for one of my former laurels who happened to marry Richard G. Scott nephew. Impressive I know. However this is not the best part. I went to this soree' with a really close friend of mine. So we are going through the culturally aproved reception line. Which is always painful for me when I introduce myself .
Me:" Hi I am Chea"
Reception line person: What Chee, Shea ,...
Me:"Never mind." So as to avoid this all to fun repretoire I simply say
Me:Nice to meet you. I wont even trouble you with my name it is to hard to pronounce.
Former sister scott:( sister to richard) says "try me. "
Me: It's Chea.
Former Sis Scott: "Oh" and she looks at my dear friend (former model) "why did you choose that name. "
She thought my friend was my mother.
Me:Your to kind
Randa(the former model):"Those are my children! "pointing at the youngsters behind us.
Former Sister Scott: "Oh I just thought because your so tall..."

I dont think there is any recovering from this for The former Sister Scott. However I loved every minute of it and have relished in it since. I never thought the time would come that being 5" 1 3/4 versus being 5"9 would be something I prefered. So for all of you out there over 5 1 3/4 you are officially older than me. You know your so much taller. Its gospel. Its from a G.A. 's sister.
Randa: "No way that just happened"
Me: "Way"

New obession

I am trying my hand at digital painting. What do you think?