Friday, January 11, 2008

Wheres Wendy?

Last Saturday I got a call from Colby telling me Wendy's appendix burst and was having emergency surgery. You know its an emergency when Wendy doesnt post for more than 3 days.

In true oldest sister fashion I raced up to flagstaff to "save" her. However in true arnett irrationalism I failed to check the weather. We arrived in my hybrid (translation no guts) prius on Sunday morning just as the storm of the decade started. I had not planned on staying the night just a quick visit. With out a change of clothes or more importantly a toothbrush we stayed the night. Me , Heidi and my mom. Colby's mom already was there. The next morning we woke up to 4 feet of snow and an angry city worker. Flagstaff penal code 11123 no parking on street when snow storm in progress , it impeads the snow plows. This kind city worker informed us we would have to dig out my car and move it. He didnt care how just do it. Many of you may not know but Wendy is also moving this week to her new monster beautiful house. She is to modest to brag. Consequently the snow shovel was at the new house not the condo. So Heidi and I had to improvise.

We started out with a storage bucket to remove the snow. Finally a neighbor took pity on us and loaned us his snow shovel and watched us in our inexperience try to shovel the packed snow. It was quite the site. I would have more pictures but alas I was digging.
After all that hard work me and Heidi decided to take a dive into the snow. It was kind of fun.

Anyhow I how I hope Wendy gets better, move into her new house and starts posting. This is alot of pressure to take her place in the blogesphere.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Christmas Day we left for Utah for Meghan's Wedding. Wayne and I got to see how it is really done.(We are sorely underprepared) Check out the photos on my business blog. Stunning. That is the way it should be done. It was beautiful.  My girls got to sweat it out at dinner wondering which fork to use during the formal sit down dinner. Their main concern was they wanted to know where the ranch was. They have not been converted to the pleasures of raspberry vinaigrette. I guess we eat our salmon with ranch. Two tables over Kody's 4 year old niece was able to score chicken nuggets and ketchup. My girls were about to steal her plate. Their palate hasnt matured yet. However I enjoyed the dinner. Salmon , mango chutney with just the right amount of heat accompanied by chicken and some lovely asparagus. The dessert was a silky smooth creme brulee'. ahh perfection.

We had decided to mix business with pleasure. We promised the girls we would take them snowboarding the day after the wedding. But the morning we were to go there was a snow storm.

Since we are desert rats we decided we were not prepared clothing wise or mentally and we didn't want to drop a load of cash for the 5 minutes they would be able to stand the bitter cold.

I never thought of a ski mask as a good winter accessory , apparently they do serve a purpose other than knocking off the local mini mart.
So we ended up enjoying temple square

and going to park city to celebrity sight see. We didnt see Hillary Duff or Miley Cirus but we did find Lamb Canyon.

We ended the day playing in the snow in Salt Lake.

 That pretty much did us in. Back to the hotel to soak in the Hot Tub with a beautiful view of temple square all lit up and watched Gilmore girls on the tv in the sauna room. It doesnt get much better than that. Obviously Wayne stayed in the room to read. He doesnt do hot tubs. It is a hard rule he has. Something about all that dead skin floating around.  Snuggled in the hotel beds giggling and watching disney a.k.a. High School Musical 2 the rest of the night 
My only regret it we didnt get to go down to Orem to hang out with my extended family. But my kids enjoyed the undivided attention. It has been a very busy holiday season. They have been very patient with my neglect for clphoto inc.

Maybe we can do a spring break ski trip? Maybe it will be warmer. 
Wayne would be disappointed if I didnt mention that we hit a deer on the way home.  But due to his superior driving ability we didnt get a scratch on the car and bambi got up and ran up the hill.  After that we saw another 13-17 deer.  If you talk to Wayne he will say it was 20-40.  He really not an imbellisher thats my side of the family.  It must have rubbed off on him with all those Arnetts around in utah: )