Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 3 P's

I must admit I am quite fascinated with disasters. I think there is a word for this. When the tsunami hit India I surfed the net for pictures and video. Hurricane Katrina I found myself wanting to go see and document the mess. Now with the fires of Southern California I find myself again drawn. I think my social studies teacher in high school called it Morbid curiosity. During my quest for coverage of the fires I was listening to Denis Praguer (one of the wisest people on the planet) he said when people are confronted with fire they save three things People, Pets, and Pictures. Pictures hold our memories and in the end we are our memories.
As I think about this I would definitely grab my hard drive and mental note I need to get my film scanned. So I asked Wayne which pictures would he save. He said he would back out the cars. I'm pretty sure he didn't understand the question. At least I hope he didn't. So Which pictures would you save?

This photo is one of my favorites. Now that's one less I have to scan. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Thanks Aunt Pam. She is the original photojournalist.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Installment 2

Well before I can move on to installment 2: I forgot to mention the most unlikely job I have held was ambulance attendant. Yes thats right I worked for southwest ambulance. It was quite a sight seeing me (all 105 lb and much much younger) lift a gurney with a 200lb plus nursing home resident who desperately need to be transported to a hospital for various testing or treatment. At times we did get to use our siren and I was designated map person. This was me "ok turn right wait no turn left , I think we better back up this road dead ends" This was how our emergency went down. I think I got to use the ambu bag once. Thats where you squeeze the bag of air to keep a person alive. crazy huh. I did however get to meet some nurses who on occasion would travel with us in case we had to push meds. This is when I thought I would have liked to be a nurse.
I did not become a nurse but I did get hired at the emergency room as a tech. Tech is a big word for speciman emptier or carrier and vitals taker. Also my responsibilities included applying pressure to "pumpers" . This is a wound that wont stop bleeding. I got to apply pressure until the doc could properly suture. Oh yeah did I mention I worked nights. The freaks really do come out at night. When I would get home at 7:00 am Wayne would often tell me you smell like beer and blood. I wonder why?
Next place I have lived. that will be long I may sum up.
Enough about me. Did I mention that Jessica went to state finals for swimming. Her relay team pr and took 4 seconds off their best time. I am so proud. Not only does she do aerobic activity but she does it oxygen deprived. amazing!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

How to blog in 5 min or less

Installment 1:

My first job--Jungle Juice not to be confused with Jamba Juice . It was a cute little shaved ice place across the street from the high school in the elmer's parking lot. Lot of face time with the cool croud.

My first real job on my own- grounds crew at byu. I didnt know then that I would love gardening and plants. However I did love the smell of wet dirt then and still do. (I need candy's book on people who crave dirt, I will save that for weird things about me) The worst part was shoveling snow in pink ropers. stupid. they did not keep my feet well insulated. I hated being cold then and still do. Did I mention shoveling snow on the marriot center steps at 3:00 am while it was snowing. Yes I do believe I have the best worst job.

A job I would love- I already do. Photographer. the next best job grounds crew at the temple. in a temperate climate.

Next installment is places I want to go. speaking of places I would like to go.
pictures from flagstaff