Monday, July 30, 2007

1st day of school

I would like to dedicate this song to all the girls (mine) who spent so much time on their do (hairdo). Hopefully it wont get dented.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to save a life.

Jessica and Nick (our neighbor) have been taking a lifeguard training class. It has been quite informative for me. Did you know its a federal law that only a 16 year old is qualified to push the button at the water park. A FEDERAL LAW. Wow that serious business. I guess Jess will be qualified in almost 6 months for this most serious task. I also learned that as a lifeguard when you are "saving a life" or a drowning victim you can ask him for a little help. For example Jessica was practicing bringing in the drowning victim (Nick). He is really heavy all 140 lbs and she asked him "Can you just kick? This is really hard." So I am thinking to my self" Can you do that?" "Maybe there are stages of drowning like in princess bride you know Mostly Dead. Apparently Jess is only planning on saving the Mostly drowning victim as opposed to the All Drowning victim. Anyways she is still ahead of her dear old mom who when took the same class didn't make it through the treading water with the 10lb brick. I think it went something like this. Hold this brick and tread water for 5 min. I made it 30 seconds. then I went under and all that was left was a mostly drowning victim.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Taryn finally got baptized yesterday. It turned out very nice. We had a full house. She has been waiting for this day for a really long time. She said she finally feels 8 now. She had the biggest grin all day. The dress turned out so cute. I have to show it off. Thanks everyone for your support.
As I edit this I am pretty spent I cant think of any witty to say. Wayne calls it the day after syndrome when I go go go and then crash. Im not sure what I did except try to make a blanket , hand made invites, and a little book which will probaly fall apart. I didnt even have to talk and I didnt serve refreshments. I think I am getting old.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am pretty sure I am crazy. Plenty of evidence in my life. Case in point. Taryn is getting baptized saturday. So I have been obsessed with making the perfect invatation. (as well as the perfect white dress. krinkle linen layered skirt with aqua ribbon and a peekaboo ruffle with tiny blue polka dots. moms working on it as we speak) Never mind that my friend at already made a perfect one.I did however do a take on the one she designed for Chad. I hope she is flattered not offended. Imatation is the highest form of flattery right?But I cant resist. I love the paper. ah the papers. the ribbon. the little dodads. And the only time I can allow myself to obsess for 4 days about one invite is an occasions like this. I think I love the creative process. Oh and ignoring the laundry that still smells like the ocean, which now is not as charming. It has aged to the fishy smell no longer the Kramer Beach perfume that it once was.
I just notice there werent any photos of me and wayne from the beach.
see I told you I was crazy. Nothing like blogging your stream of consciousness.

Friday, July 6, 2007

6 days

We just returned from 6 days in Encinitas a funky beach town north of San Diego. Its so funky it is home to those guys in the orange robes at the airport(swamis?). We stayed at a motel not to be confused with a hotel. The moonlight beach motel to be exact. It is amazing what you will put up with to be close to the beach. Some of the pros of our motel :
1. Closer to the beach than most of the parking spots available.
2.There were two rooms and 3 double beds. No one had to sleep on the air mattress.
3.Full size fridge and stocked kitchen with pots,pans and dishes.
4.Boogie boards and one surf board we could borrow.
5.The price was right.
The Cons:
1. The shower spout shot water all over the floor making its way to the hall carpet.
2.To be nice Channy said our room smelled like a hamster.
3.The ac unit in the front of the room didnt work.
4. The train

Needless to say we spent most of our time at the beach.

Day 1: booked it to the beach

Day 2: was Taryn's Birthday. She wondered what her sisters got her. Surprise Hannah Montana wig. It was the bomb.

Day 3: More beach and Birthday photos for Taryn. She was not as thrilled as I.

Day 4: Photo session with Tana and Jancy at a great shop in encinitas called Grounded.(see the photographyblog for the photos) I have since decided I need a big metal building with a bank of windows for a studio. This should be do-able right Wayne? Channy and her Kids arrived about 1:00 pm for more beach. Danny and Frances came in at 6:00pm

Danny took our family photos.

(for Reed and Blue see if you can identify the 3 people behind us sort of like wheres waldo)

I had wanted to go to La Jolla, but Wayne wanted to do it at our new "hometown" beach. If you know me you know that I am not a control freak. As George Castanza says "Its not a lie Jerry if you really believe it" So we did it in encincitas
Day 5: We celebrated the Fourth at you guessed it "the Beach" We arrived about 10:00 to stake out a good spot. Spent most of the day there. We heard they closed the town of Oceanside to anymore cars so we decided the fireworks show would have to be watching the sun set. It was beautiful.

Day 6: Went on trek the Mormon Battalion took to San Diego. Ok we didnt trek but we did watch the Mormon battalion presentation in Old Town San Diego. It wasnt as an in depth expereince as our good friends had reinacting the sweetwater crossing in Wyoming. But we felt it was a start as my two older daughters said "Im sure glad we were'nt pioneers" Which I saw as a teaching moment said "You mean you are so grateful for all the sacrafices they made for our faith." They love my teaching moments.

On a serious note I didnt realize what major contribution the battalion really made to California.
The wagon trail most of the gold rushers used, the first newspaper in San Fransico, the first brick building in san diego and some of the first fresh water wells. This is all I can remember right now. I hope it is enough to pass the test.