Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore..

This week has brought lots of change. For that matter this year has brought lots of change. I hate change. The older I get the more I resist it.

My youngest brother Pierce left for his mission in Columbia on Wednesday.

He is the same age as my oldest daughter. Its like losing one of my own. I didnt think I would be as sad as I was. Dont get me wrong , I am happy for him and the growth he will have. But I cant help feel a little heartbroken. You know the feeling when you are standing on the edge of a page as its turning and you dont want to move on, knowing nothing will ever be the same.

With this milestone for Pierce brings milestones for my kids who are the same age. Maybe this is the real reason I am sad. Im sad because this is the begining of the end. The beginning of my kids moving on and leaving me. The beginning of them not needing me. The beginning of their lives.

Tana got her drivers license. Jancy is applying for scholarships for college. Taryn is going to middle school. Jessica has a boyfriend.

We are definetly not in Kansas anymore.

So yesterday began Jess not needing me (photographically speaking) We had a fun photoshoot planned with her new car and puppy. I couldnt help feeling her heart wasnt in it. It could have been the early hour of 6 am or she hated the dress or even she hated her hair.


charmaine said...

Jessica looks beautiful. Don't worry about getting older; the best is yet to come!

Chea said...

Thanks Charmaine :)